About Linda

Born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island and having lived in Manhattan for 34 years, Linda is the quintessential native New Yorker.  Yet, between her time on Long Island and moving into Manhattan, she lived in far-off remote places such as Madagascar (before the movie, “Madagascar” came out), Hawaii (where bodysurfing was her daily exercise) and Switzerland (where she fell in love with skiing and fondue). After globetrotting the planet, she moved into Manhattan to pursue a career as an  ACTOR in the performing arts. In time, the industry went from local to global, which revamped the playing field and Linda swapped out the stage for an office in the corporate world. Working in the financial sector, she took on the responsibilities as a WRITER in marketing and communications. She remained in finances till the seismic market crash in 2008 when the job market bottomed out.  From her job search, she found that standard job-seeking skills were no longer applicable due to the rapid growth of technology.  She then launched a business idea, Pressing Beyond, for professionals on how to abandon their comfort zones and pursue their calling.  While her work life was thriving, it was her personal life that took an unexpected turn when she met her real leading man, Ed.  Once married, she relocated to Pittsburgh, where she established herself as a leader in Christian ministry. Today she is a SPEAKER to women on faith-based topics.